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Introducing Gladys Strother Wilson's new memoir, Everybody Has a Story

"It does not matter what kind of environment you were reared in or what your past looks like. God can and will use you for His Glory. You do not have to be a product of your environment. Listen to the voice of God; He speaks to you all the time, if you would only listen."



"I must say that I thank God for my story! It is because of Him that I can share my testimony, as I have witnessed His omnipotence."

Gladys Strother Wilson is a retired cosmetologist, entreprenuer, motivational speaker, poet, playwright, song writer, and now, author. As overseer of the hospitality committee at her church, she simply loves serving God’s people.

Gladys and her wonderful husband, Michael, have a combined total of eight children and thirteen grandchildren whom they love dearly. Her desire is to see the people of God grow and use what He has placed in their hands to enhance the kingdom of God.



In Everybody Has a Story, Gladys Strother Wilson takes us on a raw and intimate journey as she recalls her decision-making skills throughout her childhood and adulthood and the moments she knew God was trying to get her attention. She makes crystal clear her belief in God and how He carried her through every decision she ever made, whether good or bad. God taught her how to trust Him and accept His will for her life, leading her to profound joy, and Gladys’ story reminds us that we too can have that same joy, no matter what challenges we face.


Retired U.S. Army


I See You.

Greater Vision exists to see, support, and serve God's people.  Owners Michael and Gladys Wilson are dedicated to using their skills and talents to fulfill this mission while inspiring others to fulfill theirs. Currently, Greater Vision offers the following products and resources:

  • Everybody Has a Story (Gladys' memoir)

  • Motivational speaking

  • HVAC services

  • Custom photo frames

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