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Beauty Talk ๐Ÿ˜Š

10 Things you might not know:

1. Don't color hair too dark if you have a fair complexion. It will enhance the flaws on your face and add age. Try a medium brown and add hi-lites.

2. Avoid putting too much hairspray or gel on the hair. Stiff, unmovable hair looks unnatural and adds age.

3. Do not comb wet hair vigorously. The hair is very fragile when it is wet and will break easily.

4. When detangling wet hair use a wide tooth comb, detangling spray or leave-in conditioner, 4 butterfly clips. Part hair into 4 sections and clip the sections with butterfly clips. Take clipped sections down one at a time as you detangle the hair beginning at the hair ends. Work your way towards the scalp using wide tooth comb. If working with coarse hair, it is best to hold the hair with one hand close to the hair scalp as you comb with the other hand. This will give you better control and help to avoid damaging the hair.

5. If you shampoo your hair at home you must wait at least 72 hours before receiving a chemical service. Manipulating the hair scalp could cause chemical irritation.

6. If you scratched your scalp prior to coming in the salon for a chemical service inform your hair stylist to avoid chemical burns. Your hair stylist could apply a protective base on your scalp however there is no guarantee that you will not burn. You might need to postpone your appointment for a later date.

7. If you are unhappy with your hairstyle or service inform your hair stylist before leaving the hair salon. Never leave without giving them the opportunity to service you better.

8. If you can not say anything great about your hair stylist your are probably in the wrong chair.

9. Do not drink coffee, tea, or soda before a chemical service. These are stimulants which can alter your brain chemistry and speed up your reaction to the chemical.

10. Sleeping in a silk slumber cap has benefits: keep curls in tact, reduce frizz and split ends, retain moisture, and protect hair.


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