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"How can you say that you love me?"

I am sure we all have asked this question to someone who said that they love us at some point in our lives. Perhaps it was a child, friend, parent, sibling or a significant other. While the word "love" is easy to say, most people have difficulty displaying it. I have always said "action speaks louder than words"! This means love is an action word. There is no way for a person to say that they love you and won't listen to anything you say to them. I know most of us don't like using the word "submit" because it means yielding to the authority or will of another person. However; is it possible to love someone and not be submissive to them? On the other hand, Can a person be submissive to some one who they don't love? The Bible tells us in John 14:15 (NIV) God said "If you love me, keep my commandments." It should not be difficult to submit to God. If a person truly loves Him, submission comes naturally. This is a great example for any relationship. Consequently, God is requiring some action to take place. Our love for God is being proven in our actions when we willingly obey his word. There would be no desire in our hearts to yield to God's commandments if we did not love him. Love and submission goes hand in hand. It would be very difficult to have one without the other. Well then again, some people enjoy learning things the hard way. You can choose not to be submissive and invite chaos into your life instead.

Lets be honest, some of us have been hurt time and time again by someone we love very much. They have said and done things that cut us to the core. We forgive them but if they really loved us it will show up in their actions. We continue to go around in these vicious cycles with "selfish people." They are considered selfish because they only think about what they want regardless to who they might hurt in the process. If someone is offering you sound advice and you know it is "Godly" counseling why do you choose not to obey it? If you truly love that person at least respect them enough to try it out. Don't you think it's selfish to ignore the advice and then expect that same person to be there to watch you suffer through the consequences?

Here's some Facts about Love: (1Cor.13:4-6)

LOVE IS.....



●Does not envy

●Does not boast

●It is not proud

●Does not dishonor others

●Is not self-seeking

●It is not easily angered

●It keeps no record of wrongs

●It does not delight in evil

●Rejoices with the truth

If you say that you love someone:

●Don't disrespect them

●Don't be selfish

●Don't provoke them to anger ●Don't pull them into your mess

●Don't lie to them

●Don't take advantage of their kindness

●Don't gossip about them

●Don't ignore them

Whether your relationship is with a child, friend, parent, sibling or spouse make sure what you say lines up with your actions. Most of all if you say that you love someone......SHOW THEM!!!

Especially the one who created you!

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