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"When Covid Knocks" Let God Answer

Have you ever been in a place where you felt so much pain and there was no relief in sight? Perhaps you think only if I could get a hug, I might feel a little better. It is a horrible feeling when you are extremely sick and have to isolate from your support System. Normally your support system is who helps you to remain strong but this time you are all alone to deal with physical and emotional pain. To be totally honest, we all watch the News to see the statistics and deaths relating to Covid-19 Virus. The one thing we don't consider is ourselves being included in the numbers. Today I choose to share my experience with you in hopes of helping someone who might find themselves traveling the same path. Recently Covid-19 knocked on my door and I asked God (Jehovah Rapha) to answer for me. I trust Him whole-heartedly to take care of all my problems. I must admit it certainly was not easy. What started off as a simple dry cough could have possibly claimed my life. It is my faith in God that pulled me through as I could not have made it through alone.

I must tell you that there were times when I didn't feel that I would make it. This disease not only attacked my body but also my mind. The enemy (devil) really wanted me to give up. In my mind I was screaming that I couldn't take it anymore but in my spirit I knew an invisible God who could handle this invisible disease. I now understand why people would say to get the Word of God in your spirit because there will be a day that you will not have an actual Bible to read. Imagine being so weak in your body that you can't pick a Bible up even if you tried. Something arose in me. Mentally I was struggling at this time. I muscled up enough strength to quote Psalms 118:17 KJV "I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord." I continued to repeat this scripture over and over again. I wanted to run around my bedroom and give God praise but all I could do is raise my hands for the miracle he was performing in me.

Things to remember during Covid-19:

*Always Trust God's word

*Ask others (family & friends) to pray for you

*You are never alone

*Your church is also your life-line and support system

*You must choose life by speaking the word over your situation

*God will send others your way to help you

*You can not fight Covid-19 alone (you need God)

*Do not allow anyone in your presence for more than 15 minutes without a mask

*When taking a walk it is not necessary to wear a mask but it is good to have one with you just incase you run into a friend who might want to hold a conversation

*Always practice social distancing whether signs are in place or not

*Always wear a mask regardless of others opinion

*Avoid touching things that do not belong to you

*Appreciate the simpler things in life such as being able to sit outside on your front porch

*Being quarantined is definitely a trick of the enemy

*Singing in a group is a unhealthy practice during this pandemic

*Don't allow anyone to tell you to take your mask off because they have not tested positive

*Self-talk during quarantine is essential

*Always pray for others

I pray that you will never experience the devastating effects of Covid-19 but if you have any of the symptoms: dry cough, fever, shortness of breathe (just to name a few) please go get tested immediately. It could save your life and others around you.

When you allow God to answer the door for you, make sure you have a relationship with Him. If you do not attend a Bible-based Church please consider finding one. Always try to surround yourself with positive people and appreciate them. If Covid-19 knocks you will need God and spirit-filled people in your corner. As my Pastor said this morning "It is through our testimonies that God conditions our minds". Our experiences helps us to speak into the lives of others. Let us all remain healthy and safe during this perilous time.

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