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I don't know about you. I have heard so many people say that they are so tired of volunteers campaigning for elections texting their phones. Volunteers are also going to people's homes to confirm their voting. People are beginning to feel agitated with these attempts. Text messages are being sent while they are at work all throughout the day. Some get them while they are trying to sleep or have important meetings. This could be very annoying. We understand the reason behind it but don't want to wake up in the morning to multiple messages from people acting like they know us. These volunteers are perfect strangers yet they know our full names. It makes you wonder what other information they know about you. The question is, how are they getting our information? Here is what I found out. Politicians have special access to voter registration. When you register to vote, your voter's file is considered public records. When you provide your phone number on the application it then becomes available for campaigns.

According to Giulia Porter of RoboKiller, (spam calls blocking app) over 2 billion text messages were sent out during this 2020 campaign season . The RoboKiller app blocks unwanted calls and text messages with 99% effectiveness for a small fee per month. If you do not have a spam blocker on your phone:

* Text the word "Stop" or ask to be removed off their list. Legitimate campaigns have agreed to remove anyone who asks to be removed from the list. This is found to be true as you can check for a confirmation through your settings.

* Contact the campaign organization directly and ask to be removed. You can do this by calling or emailing the campaign.


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